Our Story

Aivy Studios was founded in 2022 by a trio from Stockholm, Sweden. At the time, we’d been on the outskirts of the art scene for years, working creatively in different capacities. We met to talk about the future and realized we were all eager to try something else than regular office jobs. Starting an art studio seemed like a natural next step.

At the beginning, we experimented with different ways of getting our work in front of an audience. Everything from fashion to interior design passed the drawing board. When all was said and done, we’d found our medium through a kindred spirit from Lidingö, just outside the city center. Through meetings with the master Giclée printer, we realized that the format suited both our skills and goals.

By creating artwork that we print on quality paper or canvas, we can make our work available to pretty much everyone, everywhere. It's a medium unbound by excessive production costs, making it easier for us to experiment. All the while, the end results look stunning.

We also fell in love with the prospect of being able to get art on the walls of anyone's home. Usually, a decent acrylic painting will set you back EUR 2500 or more, whereas a museum quality print will cost a fraction of that.

With art prints, the medium itself isn't the limiting factor. Instead, we, as the artists, decide how many pieces we want to sell. That reduces price, while the qualitative aspects of the work stay the same.

After all, we think that really good art prints are better than so-so acrylic paintings on canvas. Both for us and for you.

Discover our art, beatuify your space, and be part of a new wave of art and creatives.

ready to dig in? or do you have any questions?