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        The Aivy Way

        We Imagine It

        Our art is all about finding an outlet for our creativity, so it’s only natural that our process starts with dreaming up concepts. With the power of artificial intelligence at our fingertips, we aren’t bound to specific techniques or styles. It’s just us and our creativity.

        The Aivy Way

        We Try It

        Once we’ve found a creative concept that we’d like to explore, we start creating. The process involves finding ways to prompt our generative AI tools to best resemble our vision. It’s repetitive work, and as our own toughest critics, a first draft is rarely good enough. We iterate, exploring new angles, concepts, and tones. The randomness of AI adds a spark, and our response to this spark often determines our success or failure.

        The Aivy Way

        We Create It

        When we’re satisfied with the creative level, we prepare our print files. Producing quality art prints is as much about post-processing as it is about creative dreaming. We tweak color palettes, remove visual artifacts, and ensure the perfect crop and aspect ratio. We print on thick, high-quality matte fine art paper, number each piece, sign it, and package it carefully.