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Two focal points immediately grab the attention of viewers. The lower center of the painting features a realistically depicted white rabbit seated on its haunches on a dark shelf or table. Above and to the left, a similar shelf houses a stylized depiction of a rabbit's head, resembling a mask or a sculpture. "Easter", is a good representation of the Cubist style. The painting has a contemplative quality, with the rabbits potentially symbolizing innocence or nature contrasted with the human-made environment.

Our artworks are printed in accordance with the Giclée standard, using multi-color water-based inkjets without dangerous additives. We use archival paper for increased longevity.

Material: 100% α-cellulose

Weight: 210 gsm

Opacity: >97%

Whiteness: 96% ISO 11475, D65 2°

Paper origin: Dassel, Germany

Designed & Produced in Stockholm, Sweden.

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